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Réduisez vos coûts jusqu'à 60%

Réduisez vos coûts locaux ou de cloud grâce à notre plate-forme VoIP: vous optimisez ainsi vos activités téléphoniques tout en réduisant les coûts.

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Avec des professionnels formés et constamment mis à jour, nous pouvons offrir le meilleur à nos clients dans les domaines suivants: téléphonie, informatique et sécurité électronique. Apprenez à mieux connaître nos services.


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Notre objectif est de fournir aux clients une plate-forme technologique stable, fonctionnelle et bien conçue pour répondre à leurs besoins!

Nous sommes spécialistes en infrastructure,
notre expertise est de gérer et de gérer les environnements informatiques et télécoms.

service 1

Accès illimité au cloud

Contrôlez votre centre d'appels dans le cloud ou dans un environnement local.

service 2

Connexions réseau

Connectez-vous à tout moment, n'importe où avec nos services réseau locaux et distants.

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Notre personnel

Nous comptons sur des professionnels formés et constamment mis à jour pour mieux les servir.

Des solutions pour vous

A T-Proxy Technology s'engage à atteindre les objectifs de ses clients.

project 1

T-Proxy Service

Area:24Hrs Monitoring

Network monitoring program that constantly checks the availability of the service, local or remote, able to immediately signal the problem, ensuring the availability, continuity and capacity of the IT resources that support the critical applications of your business. With TPROXY SERVER, you can obtain availability reports and configure corrective actions for network problems among other tools.

project 2



Allows you to use virtual extensions on any device with internet access, anywhere in the world. In this case, there is no need for physical installation of this equipment within the company, as it can be used through software installed on computers, tablets, smartphones and mobile phones. They usually install directly inside a data center. It is the lowest cost because for inter-branch connections, the cost of the minute is zero. Virtual PBX comes as the best solution for those who want to reduce costs, have more security and efficiency.

project 3

Eletronic security


Electronic security is a resource that comes every day standing out as a valuable aid in protection, whether public or private. with the aid of modern electronic technology, the preventions are increased and discourage or denounce furtive actions with extreme agility in the field of electronic security each equipment has a different property.

project 4

Clound Computing

Area:Networks and Infrastructure

It is a service specially developed to provide the ability to process securely and flexibly in the cloud for corporate users. Through computational components and state-of-the-art functionality, the customer is able to build a computing environment that fits perfectly with each of their core applications.

project 5



Solution Designed to receive conventional fixed lines through fixed-line operators. Its extensions do not have advanced features and their use is basic, suitable for companies that do not need many functionalities.

project 6

Security Utilities

Product:Eletric Fences

High-voltage pulse generation plants indicated for coverage of any perimeter, electric fence plants, can also act as alarm centers.

Product:Barrier Sensors

Sensors whose operation is based on the emission of a beam of light, when blocked, signal the alarm centers that there was invasion.

project 7

Redes e Servidores

Area:Networking and Servers

Unifying and organizing your existing voice and data cabling installations in your enterprise is the best way to ensure support for future installations and technology.

Area:Dedicated Servers

to facilitate the organization and administration of your company, allowing you to process data and access files and / or allow the execution of local or remote software, guaranteeing the efficiency and security of the information processed.

project 8



It unites the best analog and digital features, and even implements VOIP (voice over IP) technology, which allows you to interconnect branches at zero cost. With it you can implement fixed lines (or E1) and VOIP numbers. It determines the least cost route for calls, depending on each type. Indicated for companies that have analog line, but want to use VOIP.

project 9



It allows the execution of routines and tasks in an automated way, through the use of electrical and electronic devices, such as tags, biometrics, iris reading, simplifying people's daily lives and providing comfort, safety and economy.

project 10

Remote Management

Area:Security and low cost

The Virtual Containment System for Condos is a solution that has revolutionized the electronic security market for residential buildings. The system is safe and at the same time economical to manage the distance the access control in ordinances.

project 11

Web Development


We develop in Php, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery and everything in the development area to extract the best for our customers.

project 11

CCTV system

Product:System CCTV

It allows the execution of routines and tasks in an automated way, through the use of electrical and electronic devices.

  • project 1

    T-Proxy Service

    Monitoring manager

  • project 2

    Telefones VOIP (IP)

    Complex and modern.

  • project 3

    Eletronic security

    Security you need.

  • project 4

    Cloud computing

    Cloud access.

  • project 5

    Analog Phones


  • project 6

    Sensors and Fences

    Residential and Commercial.

  • project 7

    Networking and Servers


  • project 8

    Hybrid Phones


  • project 9


    Eletronic security.

  • project 10

    Remote Concierge

    Better security and economy.

  • project 11

    HTML5, CSS3, PHP and JQuery

    The best of development

  • project 12

    CCTV system

    Closed circuit television

Who we are

We are an IT service provider working in the provision of information technology and information technology solutions, both for individuals and corporate clients, in a wide range of activity and size.

team 1

Inserting cameras

Improve environmental safety


The closed circuit of images is one of the most effective means for prevention and control of personal and patrimonial security.

team 1

Structured Network

Total Management


Dedicated server management to facilitate the organization and administration of your company.

team 1


VOIP Service


It functions as a provider, and can receive digital connections or E1 junctions with specific cards.

T-Proxy Technology

Counting on experienced professionals in the segments where technology is considered critical environment, we offer solutions for digital security, networks and telephony. Thus allowing our clients to focus their efforts on the main activities of their business. We offer intelligent and strategic solutions in technology and communication, focusing on quality and supplying the needs of our customers.

Excellence in the market:

  • Structured Networks and Servers

  • Analog and Digital Telephony Projects

  • Monitoring and Alarm

  • Remote Administration and Automation


Seeking to improve all our services to T-Proxy with professionals extremely qualified to add a quality service to all our Clients.

Our focus and goals go hand in hand.

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"The T-Proxy team surprised us with such competence, agility and quality in their work, always at our disposal when we need it." I congratulate this team for giving a new face to our company. all! "

client 1 Client  Lavvi

"At Dafra Motos we have the support of T-Proxy to manage our lines and accesses, the work was done quickly and with excellent quality.

client 2 Client  Dafra motos

"Thank you for the attention and dedication of all the staff, I was very well advised, the requests always met, I am satisfied!

client 3 Client  Hotel Infinity

"Our commitment is to have the total satisfaction of our customers."


We offer the best service as we have the best partners.

The best of the market is with T-Proxy.


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